One Year After the Tsunami

Posted on February 29, 2012
Testing Animal Meat for Radiation Photograph by James Whitlow Delano/Redux

A cow and her calf, unseen, are housed in a barn in front of a barrier to the Fukushima nuclear no-entry zone. The borderline for the territory is too contaminated for human habitation, yet cattle are raised here, and their milk, exposed to the contaminated winds and dust, may be sold on the market as long as their feed comes from outside the region and is not contaminated. Hay is covered to protect it from the rain, but the entire area is surrounded by land contaminated with radioactive cesium. On Aug. 25, 2011, the Japanese government lifted a ban on shipping beef from Fukushima Prefecture. There is no guarantee that the meat of any animal from this farm will be randomly tested for radiation.

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