Overshores Brewing Co.

Christian Amport
Boston College Carroll School of Management

Christian Amport just wanted to buy an authentic, Belgian-style craft beer.

After three years at the University of Vermont in Burlington, he grew fond of the well-developed craft-beer culture the town offered. But when he moved to New York City in the summer of 2003, he was surprised he couldn't find the type of beer he liked. "I told myself, 'If this is what you really want -- great tasting craft beer anywhere -- you have to create it,'" he says. "And that's when I thought to start a business making the beer I wanted to drink."


When Amport enrolled in the MBA program at Boston College in 2008, he began working on a business plan for a brewery as part of the Boston College Venture Capital club competition. In the fall semester of his second year, Amport and a team of fellow students expanded on the plan as part of a required second-year course, Business Planning and Entrepreneurship, taught by Gregory Stoller. The business plans are judged in a series of competitions. Amport was one of five finalists and almost won the entire contest, according to Stoller.

 Amport continued to work on his business plan as graduation day approached, and he launched the brewery soon after he earned his degree. Overshores Brewing Co. incorporated this past February, and Amport just finished paperwork for a limited private offering to collect funds for the brewery and startup costs. So far he has raised more than $25,000 in committed funds.

 He says his biggest challenge now is finding the right kind of private investors, ones who understand the product and are interested in getting "on the ground floor in the industry."

He's not too worried. He's got an experienced brewmaster already lined up. -- Sommer Saadi, posted Oct. 18, 2010

(Corrects spelling of Amport's name)

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