Greenhouse Gas Auditors

The Idea: Private companies audit polluters

Stage: Dependent on policy

Doing a greenhouse gas audit is endlessly complicated, because so much of our daily lives, from heating to transportation to food, involve contributing to climate change. As policy shifts to stop impending environmental degradation, the jobs will follow. Michael Gillenwater is an expert in greenhouse gas measurement and co-founder of the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute. "There are going to be a more roles related to greenhouse gas management," he says. "Auditors are one role that a lot of people focused on initially. It has been the most clearly defined role in these early days of carbon markets. But there will be a whole population of carbon specialists." In the end, the objective is to make the information that has been collected useful. And that depends in large part on policy. "It will have to develop," says Gillenwater, "assuming we take the problem of [climate change] seriously and start to implement policy to mitigate it."
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