11. University of Virginia

Darden School of Business

2008 Rank: 16
Tuition & Fees: $100,000
Selectivity: 26 percent

Pre-MBA Pay: NA
Post-MBA Pay: $100,000
Job Offers: 87 percent

Students Rate the Program
Career Services: A+
Teaching: A+

Recruiters Rate Graduates
Analytical Skills: A
General Management Skills: A+

One Student's View
"I think that Darden offers unique attributes that were key to my success and which I could not have gotten at other schools. Specifically, the interaction with professors was critical in helping me learn the concepts and feel more confident in my abilities. [Professors] were always available thanks to the open-door policy, and they were exceptionally willing to help and mentor on both academic- and job-related issues. Second, the case method is the only way I could have been engaged in my studies, since I was used to being in the working world and having my opinions heard. I also liked that it afforded me the chance to learn about a breadth of industries and business issues, and forced me to become articulate, persuasive, and think critically and quickly. I also learned to handle ambiguity of information and make decisions by asking key questions. Lastly, the alumni network at Darden has been amazing in both my B-school and career searches. Alums always responded quickly and with enthusiasm."

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