No. 14 CGI Group

Country: Canada
Market Value: $4.4 billion
Sales: $3.6 billion

Sales Growth: -2%
Employee Growth: 19%
Return on Investment: 177%
Total Return: 18%

The company was founded by Serge Godin, above. Now led by Michael E. Roach, CGI Group's (GIB/A:CN) growth this year has been driven by the $1.1 billion acquisition of Stanley, which focuses on the defense market. Smaller than better-known competitors that provide similar services, such as Accenture, CGI doesn't compete on price. "We are not willing to give up margin in order to grow the top line," says CGI spokesman Lorne Gorber. "Our investors are more long-term-focused. A dollar of margin is more attractive than a dollar of revenue."

(Editor's note: This story has been updated. Serge Godin is the founder of CGI. The company is run by CEO Michael E. Roach.)
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