Second Place: Virtual Collaboration

Winner: Alex Howland (left), Consulting Psychology Doctoral Candidate, Alliant International University
Winner: Ronald Rembisz, Corporate Psychologist; Principal at Rembisz & Associates

Idea: Howland and Rembisz believe the virtual world offers a platform to train, develop, and assess core business leadership skills in a way that cannot be done in a traditional classroom setting. Although individual graduate programs have begun to develop virtual-world resources, they believe there needs to be a more collaborative effort and propose developing a "graduate management virtual-world education community" to promote it. Their idea is built around inclusion, innovation, and feasibility.

Howland: "The use of virtual environments in education has begun and will continue to transform traditional educational practices. Through our idea, we see the opportunity for the management education community to be an educational pioneer and leader in the systemic use of virtual platforms for field-specific competency development. Transcending space and time, the virtual environment is a platform for global communication and accelerated experiential learning. Opportunities for collaboration and innovation in the virtual world are endless; our idea will simply act as a catalyst in the process."
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