Jon Leibowitz

Federal Trade Commission

Business Cred: Former chief counsel for Senate antitrust subcommittee. Ex-lobbyist for the Motion Picture Association of America.

Power Center: Chairs the Federal Trade Commission, which has the power to act against anticompetitive business practices.

Sound Bite: “Despite some good actors, self-regulation of privacy … is not working adequately for American consumers. We deserve far better from the companies we entrust our data to.”

Quote About: “He’s very good at identifying novel issues that really benefit consumers, and really pushing those issues so they become part of our national agenda.” —Pamela Jones Harbour, former FTC commissioner

Big Win: Reached settlement with Intel to prohibit the use of threats, retaliation, or exclusive deals to block customers from buying competitors’ products.

Setting sights on: “Do Not Track,” a mechanism allowing consumers to say they don’t want their online behavior and data collected or used in targeted advertising.

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