University of Chicago

Booth School of Business

Bloomberg Businessweek Rank: 1

Full-Time MBA Enrollment: 1,177

Who hired the most graduates?

Classes of 2005-2007: McKinsey (100), Lehman Brothers (59), Citigroup (49), Deutsche Bank (47), Merrill Lynch (45), Boston Consulting Group (45)

Classes of 2008-2010: McKinsey (76), Bain (47), Boston Consulting Group (45), Credit Suisse (40), Barclays (38)

Notable decreases: Goldman Sachs hired at least 44 percent fewer graduates from the classes of 2008-10 than it did those from the classes of 2005-07.

Also noteworthy: Lehman filed for bankruptcy on Sept. 15, 2008. That same day, Booth published an employment report that said 23 of its class of 2008 graduates had accepted positions at the firm.

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Note: Booth data represents only graduates from the full-time MBA program
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