Drop the Chalk

New Orleans
Founded: 2009
Employees: 1
Revenue 2010: $30,000
Revenue 2011 (projected): $210,000

Too many teachers are still stuck in the age of recording grades in notebooks, says Jennifer Medbery, founder of educational software company Drop the Chalk. She was given notebooks to record grades during a two-year stint in the Mississippi Delta teaching for Teach for America. Armed with a degree in computer science from Columbia University, Medbery set to work building software that would make it easy for teachers to record students' progress steadily. The product, called Kickboard, gives teachers a central location to record traditional data, such as grades on tests and quizzes, while also providing space for behavioral notes and discipline logs. "Our philosophy is to equip teachers with more real-time data so teachers can track their own progress and student progress throughout the year," Medbery says. Drop the Chalk is finishing a pilot with 15 schools and expects to expand to around 50 schools in cities around the country this August. —JS
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