Most Expensive Electric Utility in Alabama: Pioneer Electric Cooperative

Average retail price (cents/kWh) in 2009:* 15.92
Number of residential customers:* 12,082
Megawatt hours sold:* 152,071
2009 residential revenue:* $24,215,000

Based in Greenville, Ala., Pioneer Electric Cooperative primarily serves Butler, Lowndes, Dallas, and Wilcox counties. The average price for electricity in Alabama was 10.66¢ per kilowatt hour, according to U.S. Energy Information Administration's 2009 survey. Photographer: Danita Delimont/ Getty Images

Note: In states where the No. 1 most expensive utility serves only a small number of residential customers, the next most expensive utility with more than 1,000 residential customers is also provided.

* Price and sales data on all slides refer to the residential sector, 2009, the most recent survey of all utilities in the U.S. Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration
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