University of San Diego

San Diego

Undergraduate Business School: School of Business Administration
Bloomberg Businessweek Ranking: 36

Academics: B+ Greek Life: B
Athletics: C+ Guys: A-
Campus Dining: A- Health & Safety: A-
Campus Housing: A Local Atmosphere: A
Campus Strictness: C+ Nightlife: B
Computers: B Off-Campus Dining: B+
Diversity: C+ Off-Campus Housing: B+
Drug Safety: B- Parking: B
Facilities: B Transportation: C+
Girls: A- Weather: A+

Overall Experience: Partying definitely happens mostly off campus. Write-ups in the dorms are not unusual. The small class sizes are perfect. The view is amazing, and the weather is always perfect. Professors are easily accessible and willing to help.

Off-Campus Housing: Most off-campus housing is on the beach, which is nice, but [the rooms] aren't that big.

Academics: For the most part, professors are always there to help you when needed. Class sizes are generally small. I think the largest class is around 40 students. All my professors know my name and, for the most part, care about the students and want them to do well.

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