What it does: Brokers music
Founder: Jordan Passman, 24
Based: Los Angeles
Revenue 2010: $75,000
Revenue 2011 (projected): $250,000

Los Angeles native Jordan Passman, the son of a music attorney, always wanted to be an agent for composers. In 2008, working in the film and television department for the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, he began sketching a website that would broker deals between composers and music buyers for commercials, films, or other productions. “People were still scrounging Craigslist for composers, and I knew there were so many composers out there that didn’t have representation,” he says. He launched scoreAscore in May 2010 for filmmakers and video producers to post descriptions of the music they need and video they want scored. Passman selected 100 professional composers who can write music in response to the requests or can upload tracks they’ve already composed. Passman takes a cut of 20 percent (for custom work) or 40 percent (for existing scores) of the transaction, paid out of the composers' fees. ScoreAscore's clients include Disney (DIS), Electronic Arts (ERTS), Ogilvy, the Gates Foundation, and College Humor. Most transactions are over $1,000, but Passman, who runs the business solo, wants to expand to a broader base of smaller gigs and tap into the explosion of amateur Web video: “I want to be the go-to for YouTube filmmakers,” he says. —John Tozzi
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