Washington, D.C.

America’s Best Places Rank: 6th
Population: 588,433
Mayor: Vincent C. Gray

Why it’s ranked: The nation’s capital doubles as a pretty cool city. There are great bars, endless restaurants for hobnobbing, and some of the best museums on the planet. On the downside, however, Washington suffers from the second-highest level of violent crime on this list and a poverty level that nears one in five citizens. The city is much in demand, however, with fine schools and the lowest foreclosure rate on our list.

How it ranked:
Percent with bachelor's degrees: 47.1
Percent under poverty level: 18.3
Median household income: $56,519
Violent crime rate: 1,265
Property crime rate: 4,503.7
School score: 73.95
Pro sports teams: 4
Foreclosure rate: .0005
Percent Unemployment: 9.8
Park acres per 1,000 residents: 12.4
Bars: 236
Restaurants: 2,132
Museums: 210
Colleges: 24
Libraries: 146
Air Quality Index: 93
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