Doug Shabelman

Shabelman is president of Burns Entertainment & Sports Marketing. Over the years, Burns has paired Michael Jordan with Hanes, Magic Johnson with Dove, and Dennis Rodman with McDonald's (MCD). Shabelman would pair Disney (DIS), already a broadcast partner with the NBA through ABC and ESPN, with the Miami Heat. "Disney World is Florida, always entertaining, always about the flash," he says, "and that's what this team is."

1. Lakers – American Express
2. Knicks – General Electric
3. Celtics – Liberty Mutual
4. Bulls – Unilever's Degree
5. Mavericks – Dr Pepper
6. Heat – Walt Disney
7. Rockets – ConocoPhillips
8. Warriors – Michelin's BFG
9. Spurs – AT&T
10. Suns – First Solar

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