Joachim Ladefoged

"I started using Instagram like six months ago and it has been a fun tool for me to play around with. I think of it like the Twitter for photographers, where I can show a little bit of behind-the-scenes from my assignments or travels to my followers. I never really thought of it as more than a playground until recently when my agency, BA-reps, started posting my images from Instagram on their website (together with the other photographers who use Instagram). Now my small "twits" became more public and I started to think more about what I show."

(Joachim Ladefoged is a member of the renowned VII photo agency and has won international recognition for covering war, conflict, and ordinary life. He has worked in more than 50 countries for magazines such as the New York Times Magazine, the New Yorker, National Geographic, Mare, Time, and Newsweek.)

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