Rafael Nadal

Power 100 rank: 5
Rank last year: 16
Sport: Tennis
Age: 25
Most recent notable achievement: Won 2011 French Open
Earnings: $21,700,000
Key sponsors: Nike, Kia, Armani, Babolat

Why he’s on the list: “Rafa” headed into 2011 facing the possibility of holding all four Grand Slams, nicknamed the Rafa Slam. He was knocked out in the quarters of the Australian Open and his dominance was later tempered by Novak Djokovic’s surge in the finals of the U.S. Open and Wimbledon. Still, Nadal showed continued mastering of clay by taking his sixth victory at the French Open. He’s still young, good-looking, and beloved by marketers, with much more to come.

Photograph by Scott Barbour/Getty Images
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