Apps that Rock

Even rock stars are getting into the act of creating their own iPhone and Android apps. Management companies and labels that serve more than a dozen high-profile recording artists, from Adele to Ozzy Osbourne, have built their own apps to communicate with fans in the last two years.

“Gaga is about to launch,” says Michael Schneider, chief executive officer of Mobile Roadie, a Web-based service that lets anyone create an app by clicking on different options that can be customized with their photos, videos, and music. No special technology skills are required.

Schneider once built custom apps for clients that cost about $50,000. Prices for his do-it-yourself service, which includes managing the app, range from about $1,000 to nearly $9,000 per year, depending on the app’s features. “Even people who have a lot of money want to save money,” says Schneider.

Read on to see which artists have their own apps.

Photograph by: Chris Goodney/Bloomberg

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