Small Biz
Launched: March, 1998
Revenue: Estimated $5,300 a month based on ad rate

Self-taught Web designer Jason Kottke hosts a single ad on his design blog, which he bills as the "home of fine hypertext products." The ad is sold through the Deck, an ad network that offers limited buys on 18 premier design-oriented sites. Kottke began blogging in 1998, on 0sil8, a site he built to profile his design work. The blog moved to its current domain in 1999, and now gets 250,000 to 300,000 unique visits a month—enough to pay him a monthly salary of around $5,300 before the ad network's cut. He ranks in the middle of the 100 most-linked-to blogs on Technorati. As one of the earliest blogs, with a committed audience interested in design, Kottke attracts advertisers looking to reach Web professionals and creative types. And he wants to keep his niche appeal, rather than try to maximize profits by littering the site with ads, and changing the content to boost traffic. "I'm doing a lot of things to deliberately limit my income," he says. "Providing a good site and a good service for a smaller group of readers is really what I'm shooting for."

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